Pet Emergency Prepardness

I know we all have a golden retriever dog holding an umbrellaplan for when a big emergency hits so that we can just up and go. However, very few people have one for their pets. There are somethings that you should have on hand for an emergency. Here’s a quick list to reference to:

  •  A durable bag with collar and leashes that will last with constant use. Food in an airtight container, bottles of water, and thick blankets.
  • Make sure that your collars have some form of identification on them in case your pet gets away. You can get a collar with your pets name and number stitched on it if your worried about the tags falling off. Hund mit Erste Hilfe Set
  • Keep a copy of your pets current vaccinations, a list of local vets and shelters in your area and have a current photo of your pet in case you can’t find them.
  • A pet first aid kit; just like us our pets can get injured.
  • A carrier large and durable enough for your pet.
  • Lastly something that’s always good to do is microchipping, this allows any shelter or vet to scan your pet, get all your contact information, and contact you if they are found.

Things you might want to consider having:

  • A back up plan with friend, neighbor, or relative in case you can’t get to your pet.
  • A list of pet friendly hotels/motels in your area.

Pet Friendly Sign

Try these website to find pet friendly hotel/motels: