FitnFurry’s Tips On How to Choose the Right Dog for Your Lifestyle

daycare15_stillSo, you are thinking about adding a furry friend to your family.  There are many things to consider before making your decision.  It is important to figure out what pet would be the best fit for your home and your lifestyle.

First, do you have the time and energy to give your pet the care it needs? Dogs need quite a bit of interaction in order to be happy.  How much space do you have for them to roam?  Do you have time to take them out for exercise?  checkin09If you already have a busy life  you can supplement exercise with a good doggy daycare facility.  These places are great even if it’s just to keep your dog socialized in a safe environment.  They come home good and tuckered out from playing with all their furry friends during the day.

Second, are you prepared to deal with pet hair?  Bathing and brushing regularly will help with pet dander and shedding for all dogs but certainrubadubdogs_01 breeds need to be groomed at least once every 2 months which can be an expense you didn’t expect.  In any case, regular nail trims and keeping a nice healthy coat is good for your dog and your home.

Third, when you travel you will need someone  to care for your pet.  It is always a good idea to have a boarding facility that can keep your pet safe and healthy while you are away.

Next, what is your activity level?  There are certain breeds and mixes that are very active and others that are better for a more sedentary lifestyle.  Working with a good trainer will help to have a well behaved pet regardless of the breed or activity level.  It’s great when your dog inatr09walks nicely on a leash, comes when you call and doesn’t snatch treats out of your hand.

Remember that having a dog is a long-term commitment that can enrich our lives greatly if we are thoughtful about choosing the right pet for our home. There are many tools out there today that can help give your dog a full and happy life. Find animal facilities that are safe and your dog enjoys and you will be amazed at how they can help you care for your pet.

Trimming Doggie Toe Nails at FitnFurry

rubadubdogs_01We always remember to trim our nails, but many times our pooches nails are forgotten. It is very easy to let our dogs toe nails get to long, which can be a little hazardous for you and for them. For example when your dogs nails are too long they can easily get them stuck or hung up on something which may cause the nail to tear when he wrenches his foot away, also when he jumps up on you to say hello he may scratch you with those nails. Long nails can also be hard on your hardwood floors and nail trimming is a critical factor in dog grooming.

Some people trim their dogs nails themselves and some would rather have their groomer or veterinarian do it. If you are one of those who does it themselves there are a few things to remember. First you should always use a nail trimmer made for dogs, anything else may hurt your dog and make him less likely to sit still for you the next time. Always try to make it a good experience for the dog, and just expect him to be good instead of assuming he will be difficult. There are two nail colors black and white, white is great because that means you can see the quick. Dogs have quicks just like us and just think how it would feel for someone to cut your nail past the quick. Black nails are more difficult because you can’t see where that quick is, this is where you want to proceed with caution. It is best to start by trimming the middle digits just a little at a time. Remember every dog is different some dogs have long quicks while others are very short. When in doubt trim less, you can always trim more next week if need be. If the nails are white and you can see the quick don’t trim all the way up to it give it a little buffer so the dog will not be sore. It is also a good idea to have a bottle of blood stop powder handy, just in case. When you are trimming nails sooner or later you will trim a little to close and the dog may bleed. Although you will feel awful, it is not the end of the world there is no permanent damage done, just dab a little blood stop powder on there and he will stop bleeding soon.

If you are not somone who wants to do this themselves then just take your pet to dog groomer, almost all groomers trim the nails when they are grooming a dog. The best thing you can do it to handle your dogs feet at home even if you aren’t going to do trim the nails. This will make it easier for your groomer to do their job safely without the dog trying to wrench their feet away.