What’s Up With Wade? Guest Post by Devan of Fit ‘N’ Furry: “Wade’s First Day at Work (& a Surprising Realization)

Wade in the grassI work at a “Pet Resort.” They do daycare, lodging, training, and grooming. One of the biggest selling points for me getting a puppy was that I could take him to work with me every day.

So that happened.

Now, not everyone at a doggie daycare is polite 100% of the time… I wanted Wade to learn that, and instead I learned that my pup might have some social issues right out of the gate.

Impossible. He’s a puppy. He was raised with his litter. There’s no way he’s got social issues already.

But unfortunately, it’s true.

I only say this because I can fix this.

I don’t mean I’m some crazy expert in behavioral issues. This is just something we have to work with, and FAST.

And by social issues, I mean exactly that. Wade can be very rude when greeting other dogs. He can also play too rough and over-step his boundaries.

This all could very well just be normal puppy behavior. Solved by more interactions with dogs.

We will see.

So, expect to be seeing quite a bit of posts regarding how to overcome social problems in dogs.

The solution is NOT to avoid other dogs.