How often should your pet be groomed?

You’re thinking about getting a new addition but you’re not sure how often it will need to be groomed or even if it needs to be groom. You should first talk to the breederP1040851, a vet,  the animal shelter, or a groomer.  Now that you have an idea of whether it needs a haircut or just a bath more questions have popped up. Like how often should my dogs hair be cut? How often does it need a bath? Should I cut it’s nails? What do I do in between my dogs appointments?

You just picked up your new dog and it is in desperate need of a haircut but you have no idea how often to get it cut. Make sure to do your research and call around to different grooming shops to find the best one for you. But how do you know if it is a good place for you and your pet? In most shops the groomer will come and talk with you directly on how they will groom your pet and what style of cut you’re looking for. Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you want, you want to make sure that you are completely comfortable leaving your pet with the groomer. P1040856Find someone who will work with your pet if they are a little bit scared or if you want a particular style.

You just got back from the groomer with your pet all sweet smelling and clean but how often do you need to bring Fluffy back for a haircut? Most groomers recommend every 6 to 8 weeks depending on your lifestyle and how long you keep Fluffy’s hair. If you like Fluffy to have a nice short haircut that won’t take a lot of up keep then you might want to try every 8 weeks to get it cut but if you like a more full look with long sweeping hair then you should consider getting Fluffy groomed every 6 weeks. Please remember this all depend on you and your pet.  A key factor to remember is to thoroughly brush out Fluffy in between grooms (make ure you have all the proper tools first)  you want to be able to run a comb from the top to bottom without any snags.


Another method to traditional bathing is using a hydrosurge

If you decide you just want to get a bath done, just make sure to do it no more than once a month anything more than that and you’ll start stripping the natural oils from its skin. Why is this bad you ask? No oils on the skin causes dry skin, dry skin causes itching, and itching can cause hot spots which are painful and irritating to pets. A good way to eliminate the need for frequent baths is brushing on a regular schedule. A good brushing helps remove loose hair and the dead skin plus you can always opt for a waterless bath if your pet is just too stinky.

Nail trims are another service that sometimes need to be done in between a bath or their haircuts. Dogs have a vein called a quick in their nail which over time can be forced to recede with fP1040840requent nail trims. If the quicks are too long, the best way to get them back is to get a nail trim every 2 to 3 weeks. Some groomers offer two different ways to cut your pet’s nails: there’s the more traditional way of using just a pair of nail clippers and the other alternative is dremmeling the; more groomers are leaning towards this method. Both ways are effective.


With a bit of research and help from your groomer you can find the best game plan at making sure your pup is happy, healthy, and all clean.