12 Doggie Don’ts on Christmas!

santahat01Christmas is here, and with it comes lots of seasonal treats. Pets often (especially dogs) expect us to share the wealth, but many holiday foods should not be shared. So although we all love our pets, we should make it a point to not feed them everything they insist on. Remember these items in particular and recite them to yourself.
On the Twelve Days of Christmas, I will not give Fluffy:

12 Avocados (or guacamole)
11 Bowls of tree nuts (especially macadamias. Peanuts are fine.)
10 Bars of chocolate (or anything containing chocolate)
9 Grapes or raisins (this applies to dogs and cats, not pocket pets)
8 Maids a-milking (cats can’t really digest cow’s milk)
7 Coffee beans (or other caffeine sources)
6 Cooked bones (intestinal splinters are no fun)
5 Onion rings (onions and garlic can cause hemolytic anemia… take our word for it, that’s bad)
4 Sips of mead (even small amounts of alcohol can poison pets – as in rum balls or the fruit from the punch bowl)
3 Gum balls (the xylitol in sugar-free gum and candy is toxic to pets)
2 Cheesecakes (excess consumption of fatty foods can lead to pancreatitis in pets)
… or a puddle of antifreeze (use antifreeze that does not contain ethylene glycol and clean up spills and leaks promptly!)